Nativity Catholic Cluster: Nativity of our Lord and St. Johns Parishes

Adult Faith Formation

Sunday liturgy, retreats, intergenerational gatherings, a special program for adults with disabilities, leadership development, Bible studies, DVD presentations, and sacramental preparation programs for parents, demonstrate a commitment to adult faith formation in the parish.  Catechesis helps adults become active participants in the Church and disciples in the world.  The Christian faith is, for the most part, an adult faith.  Much of what it takes to understand the faith is dealt with most often in adulthood.  The main goal of Adult Faith Formation is to verify that religion is about experiencing God in everyday life.

Sunday Scriptures and Scripture insights are studied each Tuesday morning using At Home with the Word.  Tuesday afternoon gatherings offer Scripture study, DVD presentations, guest speakers, and discussions in areas of interest.

For more details of programs offered, please contact Barb Eretto at the parish office. (715)362-3169