Nativity Catholic Cluster: Nativity of our Lord and St. Johns Parishes

Faith Formation Resources

The Adoration Chapel is open daily from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM Please practice social distancing.

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Adult Formation Opportunity begins Monday, April 27 at 6pm or Tuesday, April 28 at 1pm 

Week 2: St. Louis de Montfort Monday, May 4, at 6:00 P.M. or Tuesday, May 5 at 1:00 P.M.

Introduction to Marian Consecration

What is a Marian Consecration?

Spiritual Reflections and links

Way of the Cross

Catholic Resources all in one place! 

Diocese of Superior

Easter Reflections-

Introduction to Easter Reflection's   Note: Introduction by: Barbara Eretto

Easter Reflection's from Triduum to Divine Mercy  - Note: Triduum by Sheri and Joe Abel, Easter Sunday by Deacon Ron Bosi, Divne Mercy by Deacon Mike Harvey.

Easter Reflections from Faith to The Good Shepherd   -  Note: Faith by Fr. Kevin Farrell, Road to Emmaus by Diane Pierre, The Good Shepherd by John LeClair

Easter Reflections from I am the Way-Glory of God   Note: I am the Way by Mary Dahl, Ascension of the Lord by: Deacon Dick Meier, The Glory of God by: Cathy Koerpel

Easter Reflection- Holy Spirit  Note: Holy Spirit by Laura Fenzl

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Introduction to Stations of the Resurrection

Stations of the Resurrection 1 and 2

Stations of the Resurrection 3 and 4

Statons of the Resurrection 5 and 6 

Stations of the Resurrection 7 and 8

Stations of the Resurrection 9 & 10

Stations of the Resurrection 11 & 12

Stations of the Resurrection 13 and 14

For additional information on faith formation resources please contact Barbara Eretto at 715-499-1265 or by email at [email protected]