Nativity Catholic Cluster: Nativity of our Lord and St. Johns Parishes

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Day of Prayer and Reflection

When: Friday, April 1, 12:30PM-7:00PM
Where: Nativity of Our Lord
Come any time during the day!

12:30 – Opening Prayer

Reality of Prayer, Praying with the Holy Spirit, a Prayer experience with Scripture

1:30 – Mystery of the Eucharist;

The Gift, The real presence, Communion with Christ, Sending forth

2:15-Eucharistic Miracles
2:45 Images of the Eucharist
3:00 Stations of the Cross; opening of adoration

3:30 Quiet prayer time

4:00 Forgiveness; forgiving oneself and healing
4:20 Images of forgiveness and healing
4:30 Quiet prayer time with the Eucharist
5:00 Marian prayers and devotions
5:20 Images of Mary
5:30 Quiet prayer time and adoration

6:00 Prayers experience for peace in our world specifically for the conflict in Ukraine and for

the Consecration of Russia
6:20 Quiet prayer time and adoration
7:00 Benediction and closing of adoration