Nativity Catholic Cluster: Nativity of our Lord and St. Johns Parishes

Faith Formation

Nativity of Our Lord Parish offers catechetical formation for children and youth in accord with diocesan policy. These formation programs are rooted deeply in Catholic Doctrine, Sacraments, Tradition, Scripture, and Practice. The two catechetical leaders, Barbara Eretto and Laura Fenzl, meet the diocesan standard for advanced certification and work with Catholic volunteer catechists to incorporate the above elements in all classes.

Religious formation for adults addresses the diversity of age, family circumstances, interests and needs by providing a variety of educational opportunities and experiences. A program for the religious education of adults with special needs is also provided. This program is suited to the particular circumstances and capacities of the individuals involved.

The parish is in complete compliance of the diocesan Safe Environment Plan in regards to those working with minors. A diocesan trained facilitator holds BASE trainings a number of times a year for staff, volunteers, and parents. Annually, students in all grade levels participate in a class which follows the diocesan guidelines for safe environment.